After The Attack


When the last defenders fall the city is overrun

Storming through the gates

Raping, maiming, burning down

No prisoners will be taken, no wounded will be spared

Lift the blade, decapitated

Maul their bodies, mutilate

Soldiers turn to beast, unleash inhuman urges

Revel in frsh meat, chopping limbs and organs

Tearing flesh from bodies, the fallen are their prey

Devouring hot entrails, no parts left to decay

Chewing eyes and brains, cannibal atrocity

Blood is tapped from veins

Infecting corpses with their seed

Getting drunk on bile

They drape themselves in human skin

When all is consumed

They eat the marrow from the spine

The attackers now move on, as the city lies in waste

Leaving piles of bones, they're killing off the human race

The horrors will continue, they know no other way

Feeding on their victims

No parts are left to decay