Wolves Guard My Coffin


Delightful night...

When the fullmoon lights cemetery's valley

Winds of frost strike my tomb

When I am in eternal sleep

When wild storms dwell

Wind blows through the Baltic

Instincts unleash the war inside

And strike the sky with holocausthunder

Mountains sleep, the forest

Covers freezing land where I was born

Now I walk among the castles

Watch the streams of frozen tears

Spilled with blood of forefathers

Nightbreeze feed my spiritual form

And spirits gather, floating in the mist

My eastern empires spread wings of winter

Visions of destructions ruin and tragedies

Tasting pure sin, fade into the pit

And walk through my beloved, endless woods...

I summon all the beauty Evil

To rape the bodies of your disciples

Too long I hide in shades of woods...

And now I build my beauty Hall

Wallachian tyrant, I bring a winter

I come with frost and burning hate !

Follow the Gods of Eastern Lands

Being the battle which blows the earth

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