Of Sephirotic Transformation And Carnality


Madness creeps through arteries of Grand Cosmic Body

Higher and lover, towards all directions

It violates old laws, repeals all orders

And seeks infinity in holy letters

Child in crown its guide - Ever Coming Son

But it rambles suspended between emanations of Increasing and Descending

Thousand paths across thousand spheres

Mind is torn apart by Macrocosmic Snowflake


Prismatic trees grow from mad rites

The knowledge of geometry elevated to the dignity of living substance

The Fool in the Universe knows nothing as usual

Transubstantiation of excrement and Styx waters is done!

Carnal alchemy

Sephirotic transformation

In new body god incarnates

Beyond duality, beyond understanding

Castrated man, bastard, secret chief is born

He builds the bridge of agreement -

- spectre of his fall

And he is devoured by the fire of the Abyss

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