Thy Winter Kingdom


enslaved in a cloud above the vast sea

I've finished my journey through the 7 incarnations

the blaze of my glory die out for this world

as the blaze of my rustly steel died

dark forests, unknown vast lands

were my home, my dream which came true

wild as eternal fear of the blackness

I live primeval life under the horned one's rules

steeps resounded with the howl of the wolves

searching alone for the victim

and from the deep forest rised you chant

about the god of coldwinds and desire

crushing the last wound of the crucified one

I stalked the path of the sword, fire and blood

my armies of the ships like dragons

spread fear among the holy lands

altars were burning with black fire

for the master of eternal spaces

born for our blood and fiery steel

victorious wave of warfare and mayhem

immortal, invincible, dark warrior

(I) leaded my troops through countless battles

and the scream of the dying was our pride

I split a lot of blood, stole human souls, cruel

now it's time to finish my journey, to rest

I fall into oblivion with weapons

no one will feed my razor with blood again

and the ships sing the psalm of the immortal...

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