Thou Shalt Never Win


I break the chains of unbelief

Burden of millennial slavery

Forest eteral wander

Extending beyond earthly dimensions

Gods will return to their graces together with me

They'll find their oaken kingdom as before

I free my powers when yelling silently

When I fight...thousand of demons follow me!

And my strength and my spell...

And my beautiful pride

Will find you and wrap you

will raise the majesty to the skies...

From the depths of the earth deep and black

Through the forests woods and shadows

(It) will penetrate lakes and wolfish mountians...

On the wings of demons to the skies!

I denude golden gates of my Nawia

Shrouded in thick smoke of burnt bodies

I show my love...I praise the might

...And destroy with power of thunders

Constantly destroy

On my right hand fire eternally devoted

Together with the strength of thunders

Will dance as before

The conflagration death and misfortune let it beget

Rebuild what was created by the cross

And my strength and my spell

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