Storm [on And On]


Intro (Beenie):

Yow! New Year

New ting, new everything

Hail King Selassi

Make, make money, money, money

Make money, money, money

Tell dem, warn dem again

Verse 1 (A.R.P.):

New year started oldies gone once again

We are striving, going to stay true 'till the end

It's A.R.P. and Beenie Man once again

On and one, on and on

Chorus (A.R.P.):

On and on, we keep the storm

Now a new year start and the old one gone


Verse 2 (Beenie):


Mi haffi wonder if some bwoy consider mi

Say last year mi hot, but this year mi hotta

Man ano oven, man ano furnace, man ano fire

Man a lava

How yuh fi dis mi

When mi just getting stamma

Bwoy, calm man a blow weh like storm

After dusk there must be dawn

Bad man deh ya, mashing up di lawn

A.R.P. come down, sing it out mek mi gwane


Verse 3 (Beenie):


Nuff would a love si mi loose

And mi confuse

But wi done reach a France

Shoot di ball from wi shoes

How dem a come read di X-News

Dem nu know seh a so bad man move

How dem a dis ana gwane

Like dem run de ting

Shing! Yuh nu hear seh beer bottle fling a Sting

But what a ting, Beenie Man haffi sing

A.R.P. come dung, come sing pon di riddim


Verse 4 (Beenie):

Long time mi stand up ana warn

An some D.J. dem a blow like alarm

Tell mi a tell dem seh fi cool an' calm

How some bwoy dem all a dis mi inna di lawn

When mi tell dem, man a di king, wear di crown

An' a mi run di hall

How dem a dis mi, when dem gal friend a bawl an' a call

Seh Beenie Man a tear dung dem wall

A.R.P. hold di mike, an' mi nuh salt

Mi haffi ram dancehall


Verse 5:

Now why yuh want to go and do that now punk

Why yuh want to go and do that (ah, ah, ah)

Why yuh want to go and do that now punk

Why yuh want to go and do that

Come sin