My Life Robert

Beanie Sigel

Yea I'm the realiest nigga sale brick to sorty
I move back to philly
do you get my story fighting niggas
is a waist a time I only started spitting
because they barried my mom life in hell
felt like I was lock in jail diong all this shit
I did not now I can do that well still
in the cut young buck still in a rush 14 teen
still giong through much that how
my life is to tell you the truth
I never hild a guns if I did
I'm not planing to run I speak the truth
spitting on this booth if you got problems
come solve it I pray to god to put me
on a island in make the greatest song
like the black ablum if I could not rap
my mine would be on crack I went from home
to home could not find no were sleep had
to dig out of trash just to get
something to eat I live a nasty life
like rat and rocachs I'm older now
my my whole life is diffrent
now my daddy off crack his working
now I'm stonger now nobody going to stop me now
I'm a tuff young bull how you like me
now 3 older sister one look just like me
the other two they both is twin as good
as they be happy now look at them
girl that use to play me I'm playin you
now look at the faces now sad
like clown niggas use to hate on me
let me get off that the dudes
I'm srounded by they all are gangsta
I'm giong to end this with some thing nice
all you'll dude are gay like kite

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