Bread & Butter

Beanie Sigel

[Some guy talking]
Ya know, you give a man a reason for living
Not to mention, you take my picture
Now baby, but I give it to you because I love you
Ya know cuz the things that I feel so proud about
The things that you do
Ya know, like runnin' my car into telephone poles
Plus (?) I didn't get mad did I?
Y-Y-y'member, 'member when
W-W-When I tried to take my clothes to the cleaners
and on the way out
My very best pinstripe caught a nail
I didn't get mad
I was proud because you thought, enough of your man
To be in such a hurry
It made me feel grand, yes it did
Uuh I need you, I just need you

[Verse 1]
You know I was you're bread you're butter
And I ain't talkin bout dat bread I fucked up on you
Cause in my head man I swore I lucked up
Wasn't countin all the butter I spreaded on you
So true now, why would I play you bitch I made you
I'm not talkin bout the things dat I gave you
Clothes wit the labels, I brought you round Hov and da label
Spring water while holdin you're age koo
Naw I ain't tryin to degrade you
But you was a lost little girl n you're world boo I saved you
Ya pop owe me a favor, I basically raised you
From squada to Bentley-whippin
Ain't have to watch Cribs to see how I was livin
Me, so blinded ain't see the Robin Givens in you
Huh, shoulda seen the Ginger in you
Tried to off Beans like raw steam? Go figure
Youu take my dough, spend wit the next nigga you crazy bitch?

[Chorus #1]
And dis was the one I trusted
Who would ever think she would spread like mustard
Bitch I was your bread and butter
You shoulda tucked dat bread and butter
Ya know what?... Dis shit funny to me
It ain't nuttin but money to me
You lookin hungry to me
But I was your bread and butter
Bitch shoulda tucked dat bread and butter
Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm

[Verse 2]
You got the whole town laughin at me, silly he
Silly to see got me feelin silly like Denise like
Oh what could it be in you, I see
N dis young P-Y-T
She got me L-O-V, E-T-K-O'd
Uh, like Teddy P. whatever she say goes
But I'm, ready to (Turn Off The Lights)
Close the door, on my pretty young need I more
Now peep game wit 'em, need, I, more
Gimme dat, E thy or
No Beanie Mac don't play dat crap wit these whores
She want me missin her (in my room) like the OJ's homes
But I'm on to my zone like O.J. Jones
Beano brown, cancel dis bitch, I'll buy another one
It's my world you lil squirrel tryna get a nut bitch
Do you- what bitch? Lil smut bitch
Got you're name ringin, spreadin like mustard
And I'm supposed to trust it after he touched it?

[Chorus #2]
I told dat ass (slow down) like Puba
Now you're days are gray like the 4 pound Ruga
Bread and Butter, see I was you're bread and butter
F'laaay baby ya hips is gettin big
Now you gettin thin you don't care about you're whip
Cuz I was you're bread and butter
Shoulda tucked dat bread and butter
Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm

[Bridge being sung]
So proud, of you.. a'ye-ah
I gotta say it loud, yes I do, a'yeah (yeah yeah)
When you do (do) What you do (do)
How do you know, What you know
Aw, shame on you
I need you (oh oh)
Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm

[Verse 3 - Grand Puba]
Now you know I was you're bread and butter
You had a shot to be my baby mother
Ain't no sorry I ain't Rueben Studdard
I can't apologize, it's multi-platnimum time
Takin all my shit and sendin you back to you're moms cryin
So don't cry baby dry, ya eyes
You tried to get all greasy like you super-size fries
So, pack ya shit
Leave the whip
It's been nice but listen ma I gotta defrost ya ice
Dats rite

[Chorus #2]

Bread and Butter [4x]

[Mm Mm said repeatedly til fade to end]

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