Dead Or Alive

Beanie Sigel

feat. Cam'ron

Beans: 1st verse

Running, hundred miles a running, thru the rain or the sun,

on when them fed folks coming/

Keep yo heads up young'n, gotta get ya heads up young'ns,

the streets'll gear yo heads up young'n//

Listen, clip yo contacts, stay focused like contacts,

yo heads open before contracts/

Can't go where mom at, the last place you wanna bring the drama at,

the first place they gone track, I promise//

Can't relax, but remain the calmest, couple rules that you play by,

stay by, stay live/

You keep yo boots on and lace tied, & troop on the late night,

If you play right, scape life//

Right, you never play the daylight, Jakes get on yo tail,

Never let 'em see the brakelight/

Catch me if you can, when I'm dipping from the cops,

Mr. Ginger bread, never falling victim of the rocks//

Beans: 2nd verse

Wanted, but you can't stop running, with a price on yo head,

be prepared to gun back/

Man don't be scared like the red coats coming, nigga

stay underground & keep running like Tugman//

You can't sleep, not a peep, no slumber, man I slept by the hund'ed,

I was rest this summer/

I know it's stressed, when you dealing with the running,

waking up in cold sweats, pissed, scared with the rumblers//

Fuck it, just prepare for the trouble, don't be shit scared nigga,

with yo head under covers/

This not a broad threat, I got something for 'em on the steps,

52 techs, this is not a warning//

Shit it goes like camera flash, when the hammer blast

put on yo State Props camo'flage/

Crack blocks, nor the Avalanche, put on yo Montana mask,

get to clapping like Pakistan//

Whatever scrap, cause a accident, make a traffic jam

Dodge all the traps you can, keep running///

Cam: 3rd verse

All you gotta say is hide me, I ride free, I be, the 1 to change yo birth,

S.S or I.D/

No mo hanging with the Y.G's, State Prop, no Rock, private dock,

case you need a I.V//

No mo Bent, that's the court money, four 20's, seems can

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