Lord Have Mercy - Beanie Sigel

Beanie Sigel

I'm trying to climb the stairways to heaven like Led Zepplin
Find that polished treasure like Ellie Levert
I do my dirt so my kids see heaven on Earth
But the pain on my heart it weighs heavy it hurts
Hope you see my good intentions for whatever its worth
Through self conviction when I mention my intentions in verse
Like a preacher or a deacon when he's speaking in church
Know there's a lesson that I'm teaching If you seeking my verse
Like the shock of the hour be a grievous thing
Like the dropping of them towers man its plain to see
That them cowards can't sing the song believers sing
They rather march and hold hands like ML King
The nigga in me like Malcolm Little said
'All Means Necessary'
So by all means I'm armed and my weapons ready
I got my lessons ready
Hoping I learn them before I'm laid to rest and buried
Have mercy on me

[Chorus - sung]
Please have mercy on me
Oh Lord, please have mercy on me

Pressure bust pipes, pressure can also make a diamond
Pressure can bust a man wrestling with his conscience
His self-accusing spirit of his past
(But I know Allah's mercy is greater than his wrath)
So in that I not only pray for me I pray for he
My dear brother Robert help him with his problems
And the bumps and grinds
And the evil things and thoughts that run through his mind
Take a hand of my sister J. Blige
As I listen to her life go down watching her life spin round
On them records every track she singin prayer
Give her "No More Drama" let her "Rainy Days" be clear
Receiving signs from Osama that the days is near
When babies is baby mommas, man them days is here
And beings that them days is now
I pray that Allah have mercy when my day come round


[sung w/ ad libs]
We need your mercy, I need your mercy
For my soul, for my soul

[all together]
B-I-G, P-O, P-P-A
P-A-C, Left Eye, JMJ...
B-I-G, L, P-U-N
Eazy-E, Aaliyah, R.I.P.


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