Bad Religion

there's a place where everyone can be happy

it's the most beautiful place in the whole fuckin' world

it's made of candy canes and planes

and bright, red choo choo trains

and the meanest little boys

the most innocent little girls

and you know, I wish that I could go there

it's a road that I have not found

and I wish you the best of luck, dear,

drop a card or letter to my side of town

'cause there's no time for fussing and fighting my friend

but baby I'm amazed by the hate that you can send

and you

painted my entire world

but I

don't have the terpentine to clean what you have soiled

and I won't forget it

there's a place where everyone can be right

even though you remain determined to be opposed

admittance requires no qualifications

it's where everyone has been and where everybody goes

so please try not to be impatient

for we all hate standing in line

and when the farm is good and bought

you'll be there without a thought

and eternity my friend, is a long fuckin' time

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