Bad Religion

now here I go,

hope I don't break down,

I won't take anything, I don't need anything,

don't want to exist, I can't persist,

please stop before I do it again,

just talk about nothing, let's talk about nothing,

let's talk about no one, please talk about no one, someone, anyone

you and me have a disease,

you affect me, you infect me,

I'm afflicted, you're addicted,

you and me, you and me

I'm on the edge,

get against the wall,

I'm so distracted,

I love to strike you,

here's my confession,

you learned your lesson,

stop me before I do it again

you're clear - as a heavy lead curtain want to drill you - like an ocean,

we can work it out, I've been running out, now I'm running out

don't be mad about it baby,

you and me, you and me,

I want to tie you, crucify you,

kneel before you, revile your body,

you and me, we're made in heaven,

I want to take you, I want to break you,

supplicate you, are incurable,

I want to bathe you in holy water I want to kill you,

upon the alter, you and me, you and me

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