Victims Of The Revolution

Bad Religion

What will prove to be our big mistake?

Short-sighted arrogance all for what sake?

Our families to ashes, our ambitions to dust

Our progeny in silence thinking "what about us?"

But don't forget

The dance of neglect

The march for empowering prosperity

The pain from loss and want for mere lucidity

Just maternal residue, and I was there too

And maybe so were you

When something is won it comes with sacrifice

It's there beneath the joy, the glory, and pride

And rarely it's acknowledged but in positive light

Consciously omitting the losers plight

But don't forget

The dance of neglect

The craving for community that never was met

The longing for status and the overture of regret

With no one to deter, pathetically unsure

Forgetting who they were

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