Get Off

Bad Religion

lascivious, it's all that i can think of as i drag my feet, searching

lika a diogenes, dangerous, the adjectives of the decasde and of your

alluring intricacies, i cah see your green-screen mentality and i can

feel the sting of its consequence, and i know i shouldn't but it's too

much to ignore, an emotion i deplore, every time i look at you, i just

want to do it, i can clench my fist right through it but i just want

to get off, rectilinear, this direction we've been heading never

realizing we are on a runaway machine, angular, the momentum that does

turn us one step further on our ladder, one more turn toward the east,

i realize your green-screen mentality and i know it is shared by many

more, i know it is quite impossible but i am damned to find a way to

revolve the other way, every time i scrutinize i just say "screw it",

we're on a ride down a blind conduit and i just want to get off

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