Lookin' In

Bad Religion

suddenly, it came to me

a potent dosage of reality

i saw myself in the broad daylight

and it made me think

about life

im not the kinda guy

who nods his head

with closed eyes

i scoff at labels

i defy censuses

and despise group mentality

all along i through

that this was only human

but i know now that

i'm in the minority

i'm lookin' in

now i think in relation to

my fellow man

and what strives to do we fail to see

theres no compromise

our evolution

is our demise

one day you may find

that you are also one of me

a micrososm

of the human race

observing those around us

desiring to belong

behing the guise of salvation

we suffer along the way

we're lookin' in

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