The Hemp Museum


Take you out a place

Where me and the homeboys ya know?

We get together you know what I'm sayin?

We might uh, shoot some pool, play a little dominoes

Call a few tenders over

I kick it in the Bay

You know where I stay

The V A to the Double L

The homey flossin in the V-12

So when you comin' to kick with it

With the Sick Wid It

You bring the whole team

When you hit magazine

Like the other day a car low from E-P-A

Came through with some Hennesey and Alize

I'm on the corner gettin' burnt with the chili mac

They hit the block in a dark blue ville 'lac

Wassup wit y'all?

Nuthin, tryin' to get it jumpin'

And it's the first can we go to the mall or sumthin'?

I got to laughin' but now I was pimp the baby(?)

Lookin' like she want to tongue kiss my Mercedes

I got a spot where we all can go kick it at

We got the bomb and y'all got the Cognac

Don't even trip I got a click and I want you to meet 'em

Once we make this left we to the Hemp Museum


Grab your sex and your beach

Hit some corners let's get keyed

The Hemp Museum

The Hemp Museum

Got my drank and my blunt

Check that bullshit don't be no punk

The Hemp Museum

The Hemp Museum

I'm sittin' real low tip toen' the block

I watch they mouth drop as I hit the lot

Now peep the plot

The gates open up slowly got they eyes on it

Spotizotic 'cuz I spent the M5 on it

You ladies help y'all self and pour the do it fluid

While I break down the pound and manicure it

Al Greens with the Victor Barons got her starin'

Tryin to get her out here Donna Karan

Uh...I'm calli