Neva Bite


[Featuring Kaveo]

Yeah, now this is here is something that you never ever in life do

You know

It goes down in my click the dogs they all simmer

At the same time , 96 to the hard top brandy wine

Gettin' mine in a big fashion

11 pounds in the back of the Volvo wagon

Money long like the perm on the superbad

And hella fools in the game is all what you had

Mail, the brew, it got me evil wit the 6

So I'm riding wit my peepers

I'm on the block and the new booties don't know me

Coming through buyin' 50 sacks from the homie

I'm on the cony, mug got 'em in suspense

Peace sign cause they peep my gauge on the fence

Common sense if you niggas had a little of it

And didn't know me, your ass in the middle of it

You understand that I'm the man that'll bleed ya

Never bite the hand that feed ya


Now you see, some of you niggas is in it for the glory

And not for the story


Never bit the hand that feed ya


So we gone hang out these nuts and teach you new bucks how to ...


Never bite the hand that feed ya


And at the same time crease your brain wit a heavy start to this game


Never bit the hand that feed ya


Cause shit don't quit, we know the poplockin' mix 17 for the twix

It's for the scrilla, love to count the notes

Me and my folks landcruise to the boat then we all smoke

Vegas, on the Sega we chopping game

And they tell me fool talkin bad on my name

Claim he the one that made a nigga all his paper

And if you quit than it ain't no B-Legit

Heard the shit and I was quik to cut his ass off

Shit it did it first time that you took a loss