Ghetto Smile


[Featuring Daryl Hall]

A young hog in the hood playin' chase

Smile on his face

Havin' fun 'cuz it ain't nothin' like this place

And you don't wanna race

Fool I got the new ones on

And we can run from the corner to the Newman's home

And after that we goin' go raid the plum tree

And stick ball down where those bos be

Mom's got the door open bumpin' Marvin Gaye

Let's get it on all day everyday

At night I pray

Lord just let me make it

And if I die before I wake then my soul you take it

Never fake it

My older brother taught me game

And sometimes even let the young soldier hang

As a loc

My only duty was to soak

And pass it on to my comrads and closest folks

All friends I knew about it as a child

I stood proud have you ever seen a ghetto smile?

I'm at the junior high actin bad at the dance

The slow jam got me with a woody in my pants

And my baby with me

Her Momma used to babysit me

And back then she was just plain old pretty

But nowadays it seems that she done grown

Jeans fitting and her perm gotta hella long

Would I be wrong if I whisper and take her down

And maybe play housesitter with her like the Pound

It's goin' down about now in the Northern Bay

The OG's put it down and make they pay

Flip a 6-8 'stang with the blew out braids

The only homey in the hood ridin' on thangs

And as I peep it thangs have got a little deeper

And everybody and their Momma done bought a beeper

And then they post on the lake gettin' loose and wild

You know the scene it's the ghetto smile

At 18 I graduated and now I'm grown

About time for the dog to get his own bone

I left home got a