Gotta Buy Your Dope From Us


[Featuring C-Bo, Little Bruce]

Little Bruce:

I got Now and Later, bubble gum and sour candies

With a trunk load of cookies like Amos and Andy

Got the bud from Hershey and Mr. M&M

And me and Willy Wonka is old school friends

It's the american dream

On the triple beam

Little Bruce got the bomb ass cookies and cream

And I'm servin' more kids than Chuck E. Cheese

And a german chocolate cake'll cost you 16 G's


It's the big time billa

Sucka side killa

Real about the fetti

No Ben baby??

Got a truck load baby for the hillside ride

Bombbay all the way from the Bay we slide

Through your hood

Gettin' off our goods

Fiendin' for a knot

We put it in the box

We got a brand new batch

And we put in the smash

Better get it 'cuz we sellin' out fast


You gotta buy dope from us

You gotta buy dope from us

You gotta buy dope from us

If you wanna ball please

If you wanna stack cheese

You gotta buy dope from us


I got variety packs

Hits so fat

And that's platinum status

I'ma let you have it

It's on for a little bit or nathin' at all

I'm going wholesale

I needs mail from all


Suitcase full of G's


It's the candy man with all the cream

I put the candy on the triple beam

The ziplock baggies

Distributin' to the nation to have your whole crew cavied

Now fools want to blast me because I'm ballin'

'Cuz got more cream than 31 flavors at Baskin Robbins

Slangin' thangs for 16 9 for half

Got ya flyin'