Turn The Party Out


(yo this right here is about to be gangsta you know what im saying boog?)i got a guess.

every body put your hands up if you feel me all the ladys come party with me comon fallas turn the party out.

(rap) hot spots i bang like lil rock step up on the drop and watch the thing drop hey shortie can you put that thing in my drog pop that and make that thing clap like flip flops like the flinstones we can make the bed dropyes this little boys got a house on the hills call me unreal i got so many beats to drop


every body put your hands up if you feel me all the ladies come party with me coman fellas lets turn this party out (repeatx2)

(rap) so much sex apeal girl that thang cant be real baby tell me whats the deal all i wanna know is can we chill fall from average love your bad habits the way that thing move your makin me wanna grab it yo lets stop playing aroung yo theres alot i wanna do for you haw dat sound youz a gotchi farbobia dubie dumie gutchie look got on your bodie


(Rap) (talking) yo on this last one i gotta speak the real

yo we dont ride on the bus we ride the billy bus we platnum status ya'll cant fade us we in the 4.6 with 4 asian chick all these ladys all around my ice and neck but when b2k and chris stokes it always equals big doe at the club then im like show me babygirl how you do that therre with all my ice around her neck can i play in your herre

(repeat chorus till fades out)