[Boog Talking]

Sup girl what you go do

I mean is we go do it are what

You keep trippin, u keep flippin

actin like You wanna get wit it

but you wont get wit it so get with it

naw uh lets go

[Verse 1]

How'd you get your jeans so low, they

hanging on ya hips oh no, you

walkin by me nice and slow, you

actin like you just dont know, that

I be watchin all the time, you

bendin over low in mind, if you

dancin on me tryna grind, but you

dont be givin up your time


Shorty whats up,

I'm just sayin

Wanna hook up,

I aint playin

Whatcha go do,

I'm just waitin

Think I'm actin up


She be playin she play games

but I guess she couldnt hang

not with me, NO

she's a tease OH

She be actin like she don't

but I kno shge really wants

to get with me OH

shes a tease OH

[Verse 2]

You be always sittin on my lap, and ya

girl you cant be doin that, if i

you dont wanna get with me, then ya

might as well forget the tease

callin me with all that talk, and ya

workin on ya sexy walk, but if

you ain tryna get with me

then we need to dont even be



[Romeo Rap]

stop it please

you's a tease

hgow a girl like you go try to play me

start doin ya thang like this aint even me

wasnt trippin when i was spendin dough at frank lees

forget about you girl you should do me

just let me touch or even cut

girl i promise Planters aint got nothin on my nuts

mess with me you must have some kinda guts

i'm not you normal dude i'm one you can trust

theres gotta be an offer that you cant refuse

i'm tough enough girl aint no way i can lose when i got straight A's up in the pimp school