Girlfirend(Pied Piper Remix)


See, uh, normally we don't do this,
but uh,

I need a girlfriend..(x4)

Yo, yo, yo Dave Mac, yea
you know we had to go
and do a remix,
it just wouldn't be right baby
(ron G) B2K, flip it

Just copped a Bentley,
and it's parked in my garage.
A two o'clock appointment for my massage,
and everywhere they go
they know just who we are
there they go it's them ghetto supertstars.
the latest throwback
and the one's on my feet your step,
I'm trying to keep, them clean
all of the hunniez go from black to japanese,
but yet theres still just one thing that i need.

I need a girlfriend (x8)
I know y'all out there in your cars and jeeps,
But I want y'all to do for me is get out of your cars right now,
and party in the streets!
(Fizz rap)
Chillin' wit my homiez,
it's about that time(said what)
shorty wit her man, I'm about to make her mine(thats right)
she lookin' at Fizz like her man is shine
oh without a doubt we going to Bump And Grind
I see this girl eyein' me cuz my body is shine
It's just a matter of time before I make her mine
Don't have to chase her cuz I got so much paper that they all up wit me I got a fat excursion,
thats about a block long,
and a fat crib,
thats about a block long.
Be bunniez(?) in the mirrior just followin the limo
and i'm somehwere in the van chillin' wit this hunny,
and plus i got this thick chick fillin' on me,
but i sure love to see her hips roll for me!


B2K and Pi-Pi-Pi-Per
B2K and Pi-Pi-Per
B2K and Pi-Pi-Pi-Per
B2K and Pi-Pi-Pi-Per