Bump Bump Bump


i like your litte sexy style love it when your gettin wild girl in the club wit me girl you need to be in magazines wit a crown over your head cause you a ghetto queen like bling bling bling the way you shakin that sexy oh body shape like an hourglass and you are so so fine i wanna get you to myself you and me and nobody else can do those things we do but baby there is somethin that i need from you

chourse: baby turn around and let me see that sexy body go bump bump bump that is all i want to see baby show me baby turn around and let me see that sexy body go bump bump bump the was you throwin that thing at me i can take it easy

i live the way you teasin me well youhave to stop pleasin me while we on this floor oh yeah you takin it round and round i like the way you put it down you makin me scream for more your two way next to mine baby you and me anytime you and me behind closed door oh you have to be my main squeeze take trips down to shiny thatngs girl just come wit me oh and now mama go head do the damn than


lets dance for nothin mami plans for takin mami get on the floor make it bump more shake it mami lets ride im your clide you can be my bonnie see you the type for m mami so right for me man she can move it love when she dance to the music make me wanna stand like a poolstick hands are the smoothest just a little touch make me loose it girl thats enough stop movin now bump that i want that gurl bring it to me bump that i want that gurl sing it wit me like da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da so lets do it again momi you and a friend mami money aint a thang look what i got to spend mami put up your hands dance how you can for me shake it like you can honey take it from your man mami

chourse until it fades out