The Way I Feel About You

Ashli Redden

Verse 1: I know how these words might seem crazy to you now, but I just can't get the sight of your face out of my mind. Think you may find how each and everyday, you may think of me too. Why can't you just tell the truth, and then you might do the unthinkable. You may find that everything you've been searching for may lie in us two.

Chorus: But you see I just can't stop The Way I Feel About You. I just can't seem to get you off my mind. And maybe you could find what you've been searching for could lie in us two. Sadly if you can't, it still won't help The Way I Feel About You.

Verse 2: I wish that you would take the time to ask me for my name. If you'd stop feeling sorry for yourself you might see the hope that I can bring. The hope that I hope to find in you. But you may never find the hope, and you may never come to cope with the fact that what you missed out on could be beautiful, but what's with this act of just passing me by. I see you each and everyday, but maybe you don't see me the way I see you.


Life will never be the same if I know that I'll never have you. But what's with this fear? Why can't you see The Way I Feel About You? My love is pure and my feelings are shear, how can you not see the sadness that I fear, The Fear that you may never feel The Way I Feel About You.