Just My Thoughts

Ashli Redden

Verse 1: Sometimes I get to feeling crazy and my mind starts seeing hazy, I swear I'm not lying to anyone.But with the strange fact that you were my sun, my earth, my heart and mind I find it kinda amazing that you are starting something with someone else. You see I thought that we were destined, but I guess I've learned my lesson, you've always belonged to someone else.

Chorus: I guess you could say that I've taken a thousand shots to my heart, But let me tell you something I'd start from the beginning, it's just this strange feeling thinking that you've fallen then rememberin' that you've never even been to the top. It's a lot to take in, but these are Just My Thoughts... About someone kinda special to my heart.

Verse 2: You never took the time to try and notice me, it was always only me. I never gave anything that I did for you a second thought, but it always ended in me crying a sea of endless tears. Getting all of my sad fears put back into my mind, I thought that you were one of a kind. You always did lie and you always did try to shy away from all of your mistakes. You wanted to be like everyone else, you were a fake.


Bridge: I guess I have to say goodbye to all my unhappy days that I spent crying over you. I have come a long way and I won't ever change. It's a brand new start saying goodbye to someone kinda special to my heart,but these are Just My Thoughts.