Someone For Everyone

Ashli Redden

Verse 1: There are many sad days that go by, and I sit here thinking about what went wrong. We were together all summer long and now you just decide to pull away. You said your not so sweet goodbye, and I sit here contimplating all of the different ways that you lied to me. Why didn't I stop to see behind your fake smile, knowing that you would rather be with your third half.

-Chorus: I should been able to see right through your sad ways, this whole time that you were pushing me away. You can ask and I will tell you the truth, I am certainly not okay. You are so disappointing. I said nothing, but I knew deep down inside that you were a fake, but I never took the time to point out your many mistakes. Someone else will come along because there is a Someone For Everyone.

Verse 2: I knew long before you came along that I could be fine without you or anyone else in my life, you caused me so much anger and strife I don't know why I put in so much effort into us when you didn't even have the courtesy to call, I tried not to fall in love, but it was something that no one can ever predict, next time you try to call I will remember how small you made me feel, I am not willing to go through that pain you made me feel because...

- Chorus-

Bridge: Goodbye to all the times you made me feel so incredible, because I remember how I felt after all those conversations. I was listening to myself talk, not one word came out of your mouth. You are shallow and we could never work because I have moved on to my someone.