Pretend To Notice Me

Ashli Redden

Verse 1: I have seen you many times, but incredibly you seemed to have never notice me. I wish that you would take a glance then maybe you might get the courage to take a chance with me. You see I always see you hanging with your crew, but why can't you take your mind off that and see the people who want to be in your life. I feel like I've been torn in between the bad and the good.

Chorus- I know I should not feel this way I promised myself that I would never wanna fall in love, but it was a mistake, I just didn't want my heart to break, but I feel have to defend my theory so far, But why can't you just Pretend To Notice Me? Then I would see that falling wasn't all for nothing.

Verse 2: I wanna fall in love, a love so deep that I drown in the thoughts just looking into you eyes. But I think my heart lies, because all ever see is your frown when your lookin' my way. I long to see a smile, maybe then I would not be in utter denial. I just wish that you might be different from all the other guys because all they know are lies.


Bridge: When will I be rescued from my thoughts, why can't I just live everyday in the presence of your smile, why can't I see your true thoughts, I think it would be nice if you just took the time to Really To Notice Me maybe then you might open your eyes to really truly see.