Peaceful Island

Apache Indian


I want to live on a Peaceful Island - Reap the fruits of the good seeds I grow

I want to live on a Peaceful Island - Good vibes everybody watch now?


(Verse 1)

Tell you again? see all the sistren

Them a princess that we must defend

Watch out me friend? fe every day that you spend

You always protect the little children

Done with the crime and the contention

Me sick and me tired of explanation

Innocent well them a suffer too long

Why must them suffer from them never do wrong

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)

Me say me muma she a suffer too long

Me want her fe free in her mind and strong

She live ina fear from all that is wrong

She a worry bout her daughter she worry bout her son

So mek the sun shine down pon everyone

All the children cross all the nation

We done with the suffering its time fe the fun

All evil things Jah Jah no have fe done

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)

I wan to see everyone live free

Free like the bird and the bee

Nobody should a every suffer from poverty

Plenty fe you and fe me

Say nuff people still can't get no water

That can't be right oh mama

Me say them talk bout rich nation and leader

But them fe-get bout what matter

Me say the world is fe all the people

So live good and fight against the evil

Me say the world is fe everyone

So hold out your hand fe the innocent don

(Repeat Chorus)