Come Follow Me

Apache Indian

Say you pass one place where them call Argra

See the Taj Mahal one of the seven wonder

The golden temple a Amritsar

But you can't reach the-so till you cross the water

The Hindus bath in-a the Ganges river

In-a Bombay city you find the film star

The nicest place are the one Kashmir

Himalaya mountain by the Chinese border

Say the seek them a fight fe Kalistania

In-a pind and city nough people suffer

The greeb them a beg fe food and water

And if you pass one place where them call Calcutta

Be sure to leave a dollar fe the snake Charma

So you take it from the youth the originator

Me are the first DJ from out of India

So each and every one come listen and follow

First time me tell the people about o kith thar

But if you came to me lan you have fe have nough manner

Certain people you meet no the greeting differ

Like you have me breadin mon him are me yar

And autee-jee mon susri-car

And mummy-jee mon key-hal-ya

And Boba-jee mon key-ser-var

Say you have fe no the right way to greet the elder

So take it from Apache ca me have nough manner

Goin fe mix the Indian with the Patwa

From the Hathis trunk a no me drink me water

And me wan me Rani ca me a Raja

Now you no Apache Indian as the edjucator

So listen crowd of people fe the second chapter

Me say cha, ponj, share come after 1, 2, 3, mon

Sus-sar, har-har after A, B, C

Say you have me nan-nar mon with me nan-nee

Then you have me thath-thar mon with me thathe

Me parjee's wife that are me pabee

Me sisters husband me jij-ji-jee

Say you can't drink the liquor without the glosee

You go a India you are Blathee

And when them no that them goin fe beg you rupee

So take it from the youth mon fe everybody

But if you can't understand the words of Apache

You better stick to your Engregee

Me say yes raggamuffin fe the community mon

Put up your hand if you love unity

Goin fe live a ushram like the one Gandhi

So each and everyone go collect your rupee