Arranged Marriage

Apache Indian

The time has come mon fe Apache

Fe find one gal and to get marry

But listen when me talk tell everybody

Me wan me arranged marriage from me mum and daddy


Me wan gal from Jullunder City

Me wan gal say a soorni curi

Me wan gal mon to look after me

Me wan gal that say she love me

Now nuff of them a come a mon from all over

And who find them a no the buchular

Me say that a the man we call the match-maker

Fe him job a to find the right partner

Him have fe trod go a east and trod go a west

And the north and the south fe find which gal best

But no lie say me lie me have fe confess

The Don Raja me want a princess


Me wan gal fe me Don Rani

Me wan gal dress up in a sari

Me wan gal say soorni logthi

Me wan gal sweet like jelebee

Now nuff of them a sweet and some a ugly

And some of them a marga mean she puthlee

And some a mampee that a mortee curi

And some too English talk no Punjabi

Say the gal me like have the right figure

In she eyes have the surma

Wear the chunee kurtha pyjama

And talk the Indian with the patwa

Ca the time has come a mon fe the Indian

Fe find the right gal say a pretty woman

But listen when me talk tell each and everyone

Say me arranged marriage are the tradition


Me wan gal fe me arranged marriage

Me wan gal say me can manage

Me wan gal from over India

Me wan gal take her fe me lover

Say the engagement that are the Kurmi

Where me have fe mek sure say me is satisfy

Two family them a meet is called the Milni

Pure sugun where them bring mon fe Apache

Then you have fe me wife mon called the bortee

And me have fe tell she about Apache

Me no mind what you do from you respect me

And after the roti bring me the sensi


Me wan gal respect Apache

Me wan gal go bring me sensi

Me wan gal o meri serva curee

Me wan gal respect me mum and daddy

The doli are the time everyone start cr