Chok There

Apache Indian

No.1 in a the Bombay chart

Indian me a tear them apart

When me come me bring a new stylee

So listen crowd of people and you have to follow me

Chok there - them a ball when they see the Indian

Chok there - raggamuffin under style and pattern

Chok there - when me come that a different fashion

First tune a say me do no it reach No.1

In a the reggae charts and the Indian

Chok there - see me face upon the television

Chok there - hear me voice pon the radio station

Promotor them a come them a rub off them hand

Keeping a session and them want it fe ram

Chok there - put me name pon the invitation

Chok there - pon the gate go raise a million

Me bring a brand new style upon the Island

Fe the black a fe white and a fe the Indian

So each and everyone come follow fashion

Chok there - dip your knee cork out you bottom

Chok there - everyone in a the Bhangra fashion

O yar har snarjee

Ick peela glassee

Thora coke narl whisky

And say to Apache

Chok there - them a ball from Bombay city

Chok there - from the deepest parts of Delhi

Chok there - fe the woman hitch up in a sari

Chok there - so me hear from Karachie

New York, Kingston and London city

Chok there - from the Rema and the junglis possie

And me take fe me style down a Amritsar

Chok there - them a ball from Kalistana

Chok there - everyone from Shirilanka

No me sit dawn pon the version like a crab pon the sand

Like the Vindaloo curry and me two pompadom

Chok there - them a ball fe Apache Indian

Me say ick, thor, thin, me say char, ponj, share

Fe all the Indian and all the Karlair

O Apache-jee no me chat anyway

And when them see me them all have fe say

Chok there - a this ya youth mon me no easy

Chok there - crowd of people no them have to follow me

Nuff DJ them a have a fe them own stylee

Some a wa da dong deng same a come follar me

And some a them a say Oh Lord a mercy

Pnumina ick pnumina thor and also in a three

But anytime me came me bring a bran stylee

And anything me say yo