Fierce Flawless

Ani Difranco

she was cuffed to the truth like the truth was a chair

bright interrogation light in her eyes

her conscience lit a cigarette and just stood there

waiting for her to crack

waiting for her to cry

his face scampered through her mind

like a roach across a wall

it made her heart soar

it made her skin crawl

they said, we got this confession we just need for you to sign

why don't you just cooperate and make this easier on us all

there was light and then there was darkness

but there was no line in between

and asking her heart for guidance

was like pleading with a machine

cuz joy, it has its own justice

and dreams are languid and lawless

and everything bows to beauty

when it is fierce

and when it is flawless

on the table were two ziploc baggies

containing her eyes and her smile

they said, we're keeping these as evidence

'til this thing goes to trial

meanwhile anguish was fingering solace

in another room down the hall

both were love's accomplices

but solace took the fall

now look at her book of days

it's the same on every page

and she's got a little tin cup with her heart in it

to bang along the bars of her rib cage

bang along the bars of her rib cage

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