Ani Difranco

you are subtle as a window pane

standing in my view

but i will wait for it to rain

so that i can see you

you call me up at night

when there's no light passing through

and you think that i don't understand

but i do

we don't say everything that we could

so that we can say later

oh, you misunderstood

i hold my cards up

close to my chest

i say what i have to

and i hold back the rest

'cause someone you don't know

is someone you don't know

get a firm grip, girl

before you let go

for every hand extended

another lies in wait

keep your eye on that one


dress down get out there

pick a fight with the police

we will get it all on film

for the new release

seems like everyone's an actor

or they're an actor's best friend

i wonder what was wrong to begin with

that they should all have to pretend

we lost sight of everything

when we have to keep checking our backs

i think we should all just smile

come clean

and relax

if there's anything i've learned

all these years on my own

it's how to find my own way there

and how to find my own way back home

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