Ani Difranco

i walk in stride with people

much taller than me

and partly it's the boots but

mostly it's my chi

and i'm becoming transfixed

with nature and my part in it

which i believe just signifies

i'm finally waking up

and there's this moth outside my kitchen door

she's bonkers for that bare bulb

flying round in circles

bashing in her exoskull

and out in the woods she navigates fine by the moon

but get her around a light bulb and she's doomed

she is trying to evolve

she's just trying to evolve

now let's get talking reefer madness

like some arrogant government can't

by any stretch of the imagination

outlaw a plant

yes, their supposed authority over nature

is a dream

c'mon people

we've got to come clean

cuz they are locking our sons

and our daughters in cages

they are taking by the thousands

our lives from under us

it's a crash course in religious fundamentals

now let's all go to war

get some bang for our buck

i am trying to evolve

i'm just trying to evolve

gunnin for high score in the land of dreams

morbid bluish-white consumers ogling luminous screens

on the trail of forgetting

cruising without a care

the jet set won't abide by that pesky jet lag

and our lives boil down to an hour or two

when someone pulls a camera out of a bag

and i am trying to evolve

i'm just trying to evolve

so i walk like i'm on a mission

cuz that's the way i groove

i got more and more to do

i got less and less to prove

it took me too long to realize

that i don't take good pictures

cuz i have the kind of beauty

that moves

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