The Dreamer

All About Eve

She saw that he closed the door

She stole a look in the guarded book

His prose was a line of crows

On a washing line in the summer time

And the wind blew the crows around

Some made the sky, some hit the ground

She never heard a fuller sound

It comes as no surprise;

She's in love with the dreamer,

So in love with his world.

He had songs you could sing along to

In any time, in any key.

They were jewels in elysian pools

In eternity for all to see

And the water helped the jewels to shine,

Some like the stars and some like wine

In the eyes of earthbound angels

It comes as no surprise...

He makes her close her eyes,

He helps her paint the skies blue.

And the seventh dream was, so surreal

When the dreamer broke the seventh seal

And butterflies all lost their wheels

It comes as no surprise...