Road To Your Soul

All About Eve

Behind me, a caravan weighed down

With bad dreams and ghosts of apologies

There's no room, no room inside

For a hitcher with a suitcase of pride

Before me, a stallion pulls like the moon

Sun through the trees tells me I'll be there soon

The wind cries, 'cause she saw me crying

About the times I find myself lying.

I must have fallen by the wayside

The wheels crack beneath my foolish pride

Give me a sign in your direction

And show me to road to your soul.

Unhitch the wagon 'cause it hinders me

I'll hitch my skirts up and go carelessly,

Barefoot and riding bareback

Wind in my hair, it feels like honesty.

Close the chapter on a journey...

Burn the book and give me sanctuary,

In your arms it feels like...

In your arms it feels like...

It feels like home.