Different Sky

All About Eve

We keep falling into love

With no reason, no rhyme

We keep falling into love

'Til our tired heart cries

I don't know you

And you don't know me

Time has come to find

Different skies...

The sun and the moon collide

One burning, one reflecting

One fired up in demon red

One pale and interesting

We stand staring into the sun

And then we want to be it

Blindness of moths around a flame

And we can't see it

'Cause I know you

And you know me

And there's the reason why

'Cause I know you

And we know her

Time has come to find...

A different sky,

A different place to shine

A different sky,

Without a reason why

Can't tell is it heaven or hell

Can't tell, I never lie

I can't fool myself,

So I found myself

A different sky

The sky I choose

Is a myriad of ocean blues

And when I think of you

I like to think your sky is blue too

Fireworks and clouds have made us find

A different sky...