Are You Lonely

All About Eve

Do you feel so small

On sunday afternoon

In your loveless house

Full of empty rooms

Once a place of life

Once upon a time

flames are dying out

While ghosts move in

Crossing on the stair

Asleep in empty chairs

Tell me... are you lonely ?

And if we believe wisdom comes with years

As knowledge stings our eyes

The easier the tears

Cradled in the sadness, a heart that ever aches

I'm praying with all mine

I won't make the same mistakes

Are the dark seeds there

In the blood we share

Tell me... are you lonely ?

While love lives, while suns set

While snowmoons rise in november skies

While ties bind while souls cry

While oceans ride in an endless tide

While love grows, while blood flows

While truth is real you need never feel alone

What seems to hurt the most

Is giving up the ghost

So tell me... are you lonely ?