The Parody's Zenith


All the way from Eden to Armageddon

Such long the journey, not a single step taken

Infested the planet like malignant tumors

Still being the lowest of all terrestial lifeforms

Welcome to the grand downward vortex

Drowning in nightmares, fear is what we breathe

A flickering flame of a candle is our existence

Fading out, evermore insignificant

In comparison with the living

The dead seem rather fortunate

We have engraved our own epitaph

The last paragraph in the chronicles of man

A scythe-bearing sun smiles at the tragedy

Sheding a light of irony upon the failures of humanity

Technology marches on

As does the death of intelligence

Towards a brand new Golgatha

Where only one cross awaits us all

Mankind... Cast aside... Deprived of life

Tormented with the nails of extinction

The last swing of the hammer concludes the parody

Of a race poisoned by triviality

And still some dare to ask: Will dawn follow this darkness?