Regained Planetary Possession


The lower the sun sinks,

The larger each shadow grows on celestial soil

Not suddenly but certainly

The holy land is swallowed into new kind of tyranny

The planet, like a thoroughly raped whore,

Bled the demonic ones out from its core

The tempest speaks in ominous tongues

Of a tremendous havoc yet to come

Worlds bend and even time devours itself hollow

Inhale the blasphemous dance of the macrocosm

With throes it gives birth to a strange constellation

Emerging from the sea of distress

Like a 21st century Leviathan

The unseen legionaries, all-worldly possessors

Now enter the skies over god's paradise

They dominate and they destroy

They decide when the curtain shall fall (on our pityful existence)

Mother earth already underwent the metamorphosis

And so shall all her children

Kissed by Thanatos and pulled to the grave

Soldiers of Satan, the very emperors of this world

Animosity embodies, new methods of torture surface

Human despair is their amusement

Nations fell pale before life's nemesis

On the expanded levels of awareness

Compulsive behaviour breeds

Give in to these imperatives

And participate in self-destructive deeds