In Invidiam


I am cause and effect, I absorb and reflect

Picture an unbroken circle and you'll comprehend what I am

I have no beginning nor an end

A stream of impure deeds that the holy resent

I improve your fractured reality

But only to deprive you of a crown

I even build you towers

But only to tear them down

By my command

The heaven bleeds a rain of arsenic tears

And petty souls are put asunder

Like two-thousand years old papyrus scrolls


Your deletion lies in this equation

Acknowledge your secret thirst for my existence

For I can turn you into a god

All the names of darkness are carved upon my skin

I am an unsolved riddle, a myth of the gloomiest kind

The fountain of excellence or the venom of mind

Never has true euphoria been rooted in utopia

Dip your face in acid and admire the new you

There is illusion even in illusion

But behold with my eyes to see clarity in confusion

Be my scepter and I shall be your throne

A Union Equilibrium, we'll reign eternities as our own

A thin line seperates madness and magnificience

And together we are bound to balance upon it