Mercurian Soulscapes


Demigodly creatures infiltrating the human race

Embodied hellish energy behind a common front

Aware of reality's phantasmagoric nature

We can see right through its manmade exterior

Bearing the spark of purification

Which'll clothe all continents in a fiery veil

Erasing the errors of the past

Thus, making way for the future

And reclaiming the dignity once lost

Those sharing the goblet of deeper insight

Can never be misled by any mortal word

And so we wander in subterranean shadows

Where the beams of biblical light fail to distract

Like a pack of bicephalous wolves

Patiently observing those we desire to hunt

Fully prepared to unleash our innermost demons

To violate, to ravish and to annihilate

By sundown's ghastly eminence we'll assemble

To bayonet each and every clerical heart

And with the lifeblood of the first dead shepherd

Our faces will be painted as an indication of triumph

Enfolded by bleak auras

Glowing with otherworldly splendour

Upon the wings of inborn aspiration

We shall soar high above the carcass fields

Where fellow ravens peck holes in rotten skulls