The Mirrored Deathwish Paranoia


Hidden horrors strive from the inner mind

And all life is altered to sadness

Rapture is now the painted crime

Images are enriched with madness

I watched as it opened right before me

A vortex reflection of the mystery sea

Where pain and pleasure do collide

Where compassion shall never abide

Here no beast hides his face behind a mask

Here no hollow words are spoken

There breathes no forgiveness

No chains grow to be broken

This would no mortal creation ever bear

For the forlorn sins I hereby share

I am a part of this dark and demonic feast

The walls are laughing in the Temple Of The Beast

Give me wings and give me horns

Infest my heart with Thy morbid thorns

Blind my sight with the infernal flame

And I shall slaughter to honour Thy name