Reappearing Freedom

Acid Death

I am the son and daughter

I`m the only child of father that breeds you

I watch from above seeing my blood feed the roses

giving you the cross

A step closer I fight not while you

While you pound that nail in me

I suffer the sins of the world may as a splinters

of the wood-the lashes on the whip on my back

A thorned crown on my head fuzzes my way of thinking

Like a human

Watching the sponge of sorrows

Floating its way into my mouth

And the lance of greed piercing my side

I cannot breath

I fly as God as I am the seprent below

The rainbow above the bondage to temptation is broken

After nights and days that I promised I walk

Again on the Earth

Through the hole in my hand I watch

I watch your fear

When the lord of fire shall come He will tear sky and earth apart

Fly the way to the rainbow-only it shines after every storm

Children of Death, resurrect

Ascend to me and cry-you are free!!!