My Destination

Acid Death

[based on Stephen King`s The Dark Tower Book series]

The man in black fled across the desert

And the Gunslinger followed

On the quest for his lost soul

Through fields and worlds

Through Tull and Allie he walked

Obsessed by cruelty and logic

Powerful enough to destroy

Obsessed-was not fate. Unembraced

Crawling thought, I paused (I paused)

Sleep on my friend and dream

For thousands of years to come

Wake up in a different time

At Golgotha of the Otherworld (the Otherworld)

A knight of a Different kind

Baptized with the blood of his master

Leaving the ruins of the Gilead

For the heart of all words

With burning eyes he looks at the sun trying to follow the brilliance

The brilliance that shows his destination`s point

Worlds are sick and that`s the truth

The Guardians are dead, the knowledge a wasteland

For the people of this dune (people of this dune)

Oh, Knight enter me from the door in the back of my mind

Draw me into your Quest to heal

The suns in the heart of the Rose

Make your destination mine

Blain is Pain and that`s the truth

We all serve the Tower

For the Tower is the truth

Oh, my soul within me is burning

That`s why I find the soul amusing

He refused to be alone

It seems that the man beside him was the crowd to him

Draw everyone of the many who are one

With the power of all, the Tower is getting closer

Follow the path of the Beam the way of the Tower

Merge with God and heal-the riddle is mine to solve