Psycho Love

Acid Death

Don`t be scared of my view

Once I was like you and everyone

Sense excelled in my mind

And my love for you was endless

The bitterness you gave me was abundant

The pain nestled in my soul because of you

Although I got tired of forgiving your mistakes

I didn`t let you think I hate you


We`ll meet each-other somewhere, that`s for sure

Maybe between fire and steel or clouds and sun

The blood spreading around your body will remember me

The passion and the deliverance from this Psycho Love

Once I made you come closer, feeling some compassion despite my mental illness

Your dead body lying behind me, your lifeless eyes looking me

Prove that you can`t be behind me alive anymore

I took your life joined with me

I`m not begging for sympathy or understanding

Walking together on life`s highway might be useless

If your soul is alive

She will hate me, that`s for sure

I feel bad, but maybe I should have done it earlier

Although you were always the king of my dreams

Soon I`ll go away from your slaughtered body

Even more I wanna be here forever

My acts can`t offer me a normal life like everyone.

But everything is changing in life

Psychical limits are getting closer suffocating

Undiminished passion, so ferocious

Is changing logic to madness: