Future Deadlock

Acid Death

Eternal vivid dreams of past, now nightmares construct

A new empire of headless puppets, industry of materialized madness

Horror in cyber, panic and viruses, flesh and steel now collided

Man-machine is tomorrow`s generation

Myths of past now stand alive

Mechanical slaves and lords, darkness covers all like alons before


Abominations are dancing in a static rhythm

Their hypnotic eyes tell how life fades

Crawling in the ground they`re dying full of filth and innocence

The numbers are lost, orders are confused, disorder is defused

Frantic scientists enhance the human body

Interstellar communication brings colonists from far beyond

Alienation causes the crossiny of breeds

Mutants are born and rule the world

Capacity is exhausted and explosion is expected

Disintegration of my soul I liquify my flesh and bones

Colors tip my eyes, blood dripping from my ears-formless and faceless

I travel trough cables and cords loosing my share

I ejaculate in a sea of webs filled with eyes and senses

And I feel that time and space has no meaning here