Above The Law

Let me start it off, 'cause I'm a player

Fade into part two, I'm the number-one ho layer

A mack, a player, and a pimp

Something much stronger than your average drink

Now correct me if I'm wrong, I'm like moonshine

Take a sip of my rhyme and I take over your mind

'Cause I don't think like the average thinker

Call me the nightstalker of your neighbourhood headshrinker

187 is like a megablast

I take too many names, I kick too much ass

K.M.G, the number-one mack daddy

Eatin' chicken like a motherfucker, rollin' in my Caddy

With my brim cold bent to the side

I bump and slide

Go mack in the back, 187 to the side

Street Pilgrims pioneering the land

Above the law status with a gat in my hand

A mind designed like Frank Nitty

Livin' large on the mike, doin' damage for the city

The city of toners which is known as L.A.

Where the hustlers hustle and the ballers play

We got the dope beats from the homeboy Dre

And it had to be done (How?) the Ruthless way

187, what's up?, what do we do at our show

We wear black on black with the locs and the romeos

Start stepping, unload my mike weapon

We say it's fittin', you think it's hittin'

K.M.G means knowledge most greatly

Some people love me, most people hate me

In other words, I kick my gift

Do you be sleeping, K.M.G?

Nah, I don't drift

I lounge or lay 'cause suckers take advantage

Yo, what do we do?

Yo, we doin' damage

'Cause we not punks, fools, sissies, or busters

And the way that we live is

Like hustlers

Livin' like hustlers

I used to sell big lleyo on the block

Remember all the hardheads, getting all the hard knocks

I started with Gs and then I moved to keys

And at this point my life went with ease

In other words, my pockets was thick

I didn't worry about the Feds, I was checking the mic.

Pull a swoop to Farouk, got dressed to please

Got the crib pimped out