Black Superman

Above The Law

[*dialogue from the movie "Above the Law"*]

"You heard about what's goin on in there?"

"Heard a lotta bullshit cocked, I know that much"

"This isn't bullshit my friend"

"Do you know somethin?"

"Don't listen" "What'd you know?"

"Maybe I do and maybe I don't"

"What I say is that they ain't got no business negotitaing"

"We gonna be goin back in they're wit a bullet for every yard"

"Is that right?"

"We do it now, we do it later, later it can be new use"

"Am I right Al?"

"Well, wait, wait minute Frank"

"We gotta a lotta angry guys in they're, black muslims

Panther's, Young Lord"

"Besides you average anti-social"

"So we gotta go in right, clean they're clocks"

(Verse 1: KMG)

I hit the loose juice, and pulls up in the duece

He gives me the scoop about the fake ass troops

And how nigga's out they're wanna play

I take another hit of the way, and then I blast away

How far playa?Far enough to go off the edge

I push another nigga off the ledge

So I stumble as I slide to the chevy

Yeah my eyes kinda teary, and gun kinda heavy

I'm a walking dead man is what they call me when I'm comin

Got the big S on my chest, so I'm kinda gunnin

High powered on my way too the west side

To check upon on some chickens, it's a hell of a drive, so drive on

As I hit my dodo stick to the break of dawn

Crime fightings what I do, and nigga's in my crew

Don't take lightly, to you busta's, and so we say fuck you

Then buck you, tuck you in for the night

As you think about the paper at the funeral sight

So when I'm hangin wit the click, and we in demand

I feel good that the city of angel's call me black superman

(Chorus: Repeat 2x)

*Computer Voice*

Now everybody sing, black superman

Now everybody know, black super