Another Execution

Above The Law

(Cold 187um)

See it was seven o'clock

and the sun had just set

the crew rolled up and said it time to jet

I was kinda hesitatin' cause it was nothing to do

but we always find something to get into

Total-Kaos broke out he said lets go to the movies

he was paying so I wasn't being choosy

jumped in the ride and proceded to go

"yo what are we goin' to see?"

"yo man I don't know"

but when we got there it was a quarter to nine

to see the main flick it was a long as line

paid to get in and not a second before

a sucka looked me up and down at the front door

now I shined on and walked on in

but he kept on staring again and again

I walked up and said "what's up"

he said: "not you"

I turned around and then I looked at my crew

because I know he didn't say what I thought he said

and if he did

I'm gonna have his head on a platter

the sucka scared out

when we got ill

the brother who tried to front he got his caps pilled

and his homies they got mad

but they soon broke out

because of what we had


because I take out my weapon

and I quickly start blastin'

I go total loco like a crazy assasin

I look at my posse they say nothings confusin'

why? why? why?

it's just another execution

See it was early

we was bored uptight

so we rushed up to In-and-Out

to get a bite to eat

I saw a freak I hadn't seen in a while

the one with the crazy eyes and the pretty smile

she was def you know what I mean

the hoe was stacked to the max

in a skin-tight jean

she sat across the room

and try to stare at me

then send a note about how she wants to get with me

now I'm wonderin' what has changed

is it that I'm rockin' the house

and that I'm makin' a name for myself

cause when I first met her

all she said I did with her was upset her

I think that snea